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Change is an inevitable part of life – and the locksmith and security industry is not exempt from it. There’s change in the crime rates, in the way criminals think and act and a complete transformation in the security industry to combat the rising threats. So, why are your locks still the same? Do you think that an age-old conventional lock can protect your property? It might have never failed you all these years, but it’s compatibility to stand against modern criminals is questionable.

Statistics indicate that most break-ins take place through the front door - and a weak lock or door is largely the reason behind it. Why wait for an unfortunate eventuality to strike? Rather, take charge today and avail lock  change residential service to enhance your home security.

What can a lock change bring?

  • Greater security:

    As stressed earlier, new locks can renew your premise’s security and reduce the probability of a break-in. The mere presence of new locks sends out a clear signal to potential intruders that your property is not a vulnerable target.

  • New features:

    Did you know that there are locks that do not require a key to be opened? There are those that are operated by voice commands, smartphones, or fingerprints. The world is embracing newer technology; it’s about time you did too by availing lock change residential service!

  • Savings:

    Old locks are cranky – and it’s likely that you had to call a locksmith regularly for service/repairs/maintenance. New locks are a one-time investment, and there’s not much recurring expenditure. Compared to their conventional counterparts, modern variants are built to withstand the test of time.

Get free consultations:

South San Francisco Locksmiths South San Francisco, CA 650-480-6018If you decide to get your locks replaced, the choices seem endless and picking the right one that complies with your needs can seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry, South San Francisco Locksmiths can help you there! We provide free consultations to home owners that commence with a full-blown property analysis and end with putting forth suggestions that are derived from our technical wisdom, keeping in view your specific requirements.

All-inclusive lock change service

You don’t have to buy the locks from one and call another to fix them in your property. As part of our lock  change residential service, we take care of everything; right from recommendations to purchasing the locks to installing them in your property. Also, since we work 24/7, you can call us at any convenient hour to lend our service.

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